About Me

Hi, my name is Graeme Cooper I’ve been working on fridges, freezers, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers since I was 15 so that’s 50+ years of experience!

I fix between 20 and 40 machines a week, so that means I’m getting close to fixing my 100,000th machine. I wonder if it will be yours?

A summary of my 50 years experience:

  • I started out as an apprentice in New Market, Auckland.
  • After a 5 year apprenticeship I qualified as an Electrical Mechanic in home appliances
  • I started my first business 5 years later at age of 25 in Sandringham, Auckland
  • After 2 years I purchased a retail company to expand operations and at one point employed 3 others
  • 2 years later I moved the family to Morrinsville, and worked for a company for 2 years until starting my own business up again under the name of “Graemes Appliances” which we operated for 23 years
  • I sold the business and worked for a company in Hamilton for 2 years (only a 25min commute from Morrinsville)
  • Then worked for another company in Hamilton which I purchased with a business partner after a year. We owned the business for a further 5 years
  • I sold that business then for 2 years imported fridges,¬†freezers and ovens from China
  • Now I’m back to doing what I do best; fixing home appliances
  • I also mentor appliance servicing apprentices from time to time