Dryer Repairs, Hamilton

Before you call for service, check these solutions to common problems.

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dryerTips to Extend the Life of Your Dryer (and Decrease Servicing Costs)

  1. Clean out dryer filters after every use as this makes drying time more effective and saves power.
  2. Clean out venting hoses regularly to minimise fire risk and to save power.
  3. Ensure the venting hoses vent outside. If the warm damp air stays in your laundry room the dryer will take longer

How Much Do Dryer RepairS Cost?

  • The standard call out charge is $65+gst. Which includes 20 mins in your home/office
  • + parts and labour for repairs I do for you

For Example:

  • Is your dryer not drying your clothes? No heat at all?
  • That could be one of 3 causes:
    1. If it’s because your filter is blocked I’ll get you to check while we are on the phone. No charge if this is the problem because I’ll tell you how to clear them yourself!
    2. that might be a broken fan assembly. Fixed for $85 – $120 (depending on brand)
    3. or a heating circuit problem. Fixed for $145 – $270 (depending on brand)
  • If it’s an electronic or motor problem it may not be worth repairing and I’ll advise you of this (I’ll need to charge you the standard call out fee of $65)
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Acceptable Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Internet Banking
  • Cheque

Still Under Warranty?

Sorry, I can’t help. Go straight to the place you purchased it from.

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