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Before you call for service, check these solutions to common problems.

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Tips to Extend the Life of Your Cook Top / Stove Top (and Decrease Servicing Costs)

  • Love boil-ups? Simmering big pots of food for 4 hours or more will vastly reduce the life of your stove. Consider using a portable camping gas stove instead

Solid Element: Does your stove top look like this?


Solid Element Stove Top

  • For these solid elements you can prevent them from rusting by wiping some vegetable oil on the elements after every use

Ceramic Element: Does your stove/cook top look like this?


Ceramic Cook Top

  • For these ceramic cook tops, ensure you clean them regularly. Particularly salt or sugar left on these can blister the surface which will shorten it’s life

Coil Element: Does your stove/cook top look like this?


Coil Element Cook Top

  • Use tinfoil trays or trim pieces of tinfoil to fit snugly under each element. Don’t use an entire tinfoil sheet to cover the space underneath because that will reflect heat into the wiring

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Oven (and Decrease Servicing Costs)

  1. Never use tinfoil trays on the bottom of your oven for 3 reasons:
    • You may think it’s saving you cleaning but it’s reflecting heat back into the ovens wiring which will shorten it’s life
    • It will also warp the base of the oven, and as the paint peals off from the intense heat, it will start to rust
    • Is your baking often burnt underneath? That’s from the tinfoil reflecting the intense heat
  2. To reduce power consumption, ensure the oven door is closing properly by checking the door seal for cracks, splits and bends
  3. Door not closing properly? The hinges may have been stretched or the door hinge may be bent. You’ll need my help with this
  4. Oven not turning on at all? Check the clock to ensure it’s on “manual”

How Much Do Stove Repairs Cost?

  • The standard call out charge is $65+gst. Which includes 20 mins in your home/office
  • + parts and labour for repairs I do for you

For Example:

  • Most common problems:
    • Top elements at full power even though you’ve turned them down?
    • Top elements not turning on at all?
    • Oven not turning on? (Make sure it’s set to “manual”, not “automatic” before calling me 🙂
  • That could be one of 3 causes:
    1. If you used the oven timer recently then check you’ve set it back to “manual” I’ll get you to check while we are on the phone. No charge if this is the problem because you’ll find out when you check!
    2. Element circuit might be a broken. Fixed for $70 – $260 (depending on brand)
    3. or a faulty thermostat or an electronic control fault. Fixed for $160 – $470 (depending on brand)
  • If I can see rust in the oven cavity or under the top elements I’ll advise you of this because it may not be worth repairing (I’ll need to charge you the standard call out fee of $65)
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Acceptable Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Internet Banking
  • Cheque

Still Under Warranty?

Sorry, I can’t help. Go straight to the place you purchased it from.

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