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Before you call for service, check these solutions to common problems.

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front-washing-machineTips to Extend the Life of Your Washing Machine (and Decrease Servicing Costs)

  1. Clean out lint filters regularly. If you turn the tap on, water should flow straight through. If it fills up, it needs cleaning.
  2. Clothes still dirty? Use the right amount of detergent (check the detergent box for recommendations). If you use too little your clothes may be still dirty after washing. If you use too much your clothes may be able to see detergent flakes after washing.
  3. Don’t overload the washing machine. Ensure you pile up the clothes loosely. If you are packing them down then you are overloading it.

If your Washing Machine won’t start or won’t fill with water

  1. Check that the water taps are turned on
  2. Check the power point is operating (with a lamp or cellphone charger)
  3. Check the lid is closed (the machine won”t start if it is open)
  4. The out of balance switch may have triggered previously. Open and close lid to reset
  5. The delay start may still be set from last time. Press start/pause twice
  6. The drain hose may be too low (which siphons water right out of the machine). Raise drain hose.

If your Washing Machine will not spin

  1. Check the washing machine is not set to “Drip Dry” or “Wash & Soak”. Select “Normal”
  2. The washing machine may have gone out of balance. Redistribute washing, and press start
  3. Drain hose may be blocked. Unblock it
  4. Too many suds will prevent spinning. 3 options:
    • Wait for an hour
    • Rinse suds away with water
    • Pour one cup of milk into the machine and set it to rinse (the milk will pop the bubbles)

How Much Do Washing Machine Repairs Cost?

  • The standard call out charge is $65+gst. Which includes 20 mins in your home/office
  • + parts and labour for repairs I do for you

For Example:

  • The most common washing machine problem is that it stops pumping out the water or doesn’t spin. That sounds like a blocked pump. I’ll clear that blockage/jam for the standard house call fee of $65+gst
  • But if the pump is broken and needs replacing you’ll need to add on $95 – $170 + gst (depending on the brand) to get that fixed. I should have the part in my truck, but even if I have to order it I won’t charge you extra for coming back a second time to fit it.
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Acceptable Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Internet Banking
  • Cheque

Still Under Warranty?

Sorry, I can’t help. Go straight to the place you purchased it from.

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